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Polaroid style picture of Cindy Reichman with 'Who Brought the POWER in 'June'?
Last month we recognized a Power Ryder who has been with us for almost two years. This month, we're recognizing a newer Power Ryder, Cindy Reichman! Cindy has only been ryding since the end of March, yet she has already become part of the Power Ryde family! Give it up for Cindy - a strong, high energy, chatty, and super funny ryder who brings it, each and every class!...
Polaroid style picture of Jen Kelly and family with 'Jen and her family!'?
We love hosting FUNdraising Rydes where we cycle, sweat, strengthen and SUPPORT! This weekend (Saturday, July 11 - 10:30a), come ryde with Power Ryder, Jen Kelly, who is on a mission to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Continue reading to learn more about Jen and her fight with Leukemia....
Polaroid style picture of  Lauren with 'Meet Lauren!'
There's a new instructor in town…meet Lauren! This redhead is spunky, motivated, funny, and….SOUTHERN! That's right, Lauren was born and raised in Mississippi where she attended Ole Miss for Undergrad and Graduate school. Keep reading to learn more about why Lauren loves teaching on the RealRyder bikes!...
Polaroid style picture of Balsamic Chicken and Mushroom Soup

Looking for something healthy, hearty and easy to make? Try this delicious soup!

Polaroid style picture of Kelly Barnhart and Stephanie Leach with 'Who Brought the POWER in April'?
We aren't celebrating one, two, or three students this month…we are celebrating FOUR!…well, sort of! These two moms-to-be have been avid Power Ryders for months and have continued their weekly rydes even while pregnant. Continue reading as we get to know a little more about Kelly and Stephanie and what it's like RYDING for two!...
Polaroid style picture of Lynne Lee, Jamie Gordon and Shannon Carovillano with 'Who Brought the POWER in March'?
Remember our student spotlight posts? After a long hiatus, they are BACK! And in March we did not have one, nor two students of the month…we had THREE! That's right three ladies who BROUGHT THE POWER all March long. These ladies are extra special because they are a mom and two sisters. Keep reading to learn all about Lynne, Jamie, and Shannon!...
girls on boogie boards
Hello, Spring! It's that time of year when we shed those bulky layers and replace them with shorts, tank tops, and dare I say it…bathing suits! Some of us work all Winter (or, January-March) to get beach-body-ready, only to get to the beach and undo everything we worked so hard for. This year, keep up the hard work, on vacation, all while having FUN!...
Polaroid style picture of John Buttram holding a bike with 'Who Brought the POWER in September'?

This month's Member Spotlight goes to a hardworking GUY who does it all - he works, he runs, he bikes endless miles outside, he travels for charity work, and he still finds time to POWER RYDE!

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