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Polaroid style picture of John Buttram holding a bike with 'Who Brought the POWER in September'?

This month's Member Spotlight goes to a hardworking GUY who does it all - he works, he runs, he bikes endless miles outside, he travels for charity work, and he still finds time to POWER RYDE!

Polaroid style picture of Allie Schlie and Sarah Miller with 'Who Brought the POWER in August'?
That's right you guys, this month we have not one, BUT TWO Power Ryders who came and conquered their workouts! Give it up for Allie Schlie and Sarah Miller! You've all certainly seen their smiling faces around the studio once or twice, or more than 100 times! That's right ...
Polaroid style picture of Kim Emery with 'Who Brought the POWER in July'?
If July's Power Ryder of the month doesn't look familiar to you, it's because she is an early morning POWER HOUSE! Even at 5:45am, Kim Emery is one of the hardest working, most determined ryders in the room. I know I speak for all of our instructors when I say we all LOVE having her in our classes because she always gives it her all!...
PowerRyde banner of people cycling with points challenge text

Are you up for a little friendly competition? This competition is FREE to sign up and rewards you for getting your sweat on! Hello, what could be better?

Polaroid style picture of Jamie Alley and PowerRyde banner with 'Who Brought the POWER in June'?

Introducinnnngggggg, Jamie, our Power Ryder of the month for June! Jamie hasn't been ryding for a long time but in the past 6 weeks she has definitely become part of our family of Power Ryde regulars!

Paleo Fruit Tart tray with PowerRyde logo
Recently I have been having fun playing around with Paleo Pie Recipes. After some successes and some failures, ok...many failures, I think I finally perfected it. The best part is, you can make this your own by adding some of your favorite flavors and fruits!...
Tracy Wheatley in front of PowerRyde banner

Introducing Tracy, an avid Power Ryder for almost one full year...362 days to be exact! By ryding two times a week Tracy has discovered mental and physical strength that other workouts lacked...

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