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Real Ryder Bikes Simulate Your Outdoor Cycling Experience

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Summer is over and the cold weather is coming. 

If you are an outdoor exercise enthusiast, the above statement might make you choke back a tear.  

But just because the weather is nasty, that doesn’t mean you have to give up your workout routine.  

If you are an avid outdoor cyclist and you crave the feeling of an outdoor bike ride with dynamic turns and movement, then there is good news, Real Ryder Bikes at Power Ryde can give you the full experience of an outdoor bike ride inside.  

Let’s look at some of the ways the Real Ryder Bike mimics a real bicycle and how you can maintain your muscle endurance and cardiovascular health over the long, cold winter months.  

How the Real Ryder Bike Mimics the Outdoor Experience 

The Real Ryder Bike is unlike any other stationary bike that you’ve ever ridden before. 

Why? Because it moves? 

No, it doesn't move forward and backward across terrain like a bicycle. The Real Ryder Bike tilts and leans side-to-side. You can turn left, pulse right, and do any other movement a real bicycle can do.  

That means not only do you get a leg workout like you would from an ordinary stationary bike, but you get an arm and core workout too (like you would riding a bicycle). And the best part? Our 45-minute classes give you the same cardiovascular workout you would get riding your bicycle outside for hours on end. That’s what we call a great and efficient workout! 

 So, what’s the point of these dynamic movements? There are a few key benefits.  

The first is that you get a full body workout as we said above. The side-to-side movement gives you a 5-in-1 workout, working your arms, abs, legs, cardio, and balance. Second, the gentle sway of the RealRyder bikes is more dynamic and more fun than traditional, stationary spinning. And third, you burn more calories overall due to the increased muscle use.  

While the Real Ryder Bike looks similar to many other stationary bikes and has similar features, like a weighted flywheel and a resistance knob to adjust the tension, it is so much better than your traditional stationary spin bike.  

The RealRyder bike has a much heavier flywheel than most spin bikes on the market. Weighing in at 66-lb, the RealRyder bike’s flywheel allows for a much smoother ride. The two pivot points on the bike allow it to lean right and left, which mimic outdoor cycling and give you a more dynamic and fun workout. 

No longer do you have to miss your cycling workouts in the winter months. With Power Ryde’s RealRyder bikes you can get all the fun of outside riding, but inside! You can get the same workout in less time, work for more muscle groups, and best of all, you get to do that workout with 30 other ryders, allowing for competition, camaraderie, and fun!  

Try the Real Ryder Bike today with Power Ryde 

This winter, don't sit at home on your couch. Keep your workout routine working for you by signing up for a Power Ryde cycling class on their state-of-the-art RealRyder bikes.  

For the best indoor cycling classes in Milford, Loveland, and Eastgate look no further than Power Ryde.  

The Power Ryde team helps you get a fun and engaging workout experience that mimics the experience of riding a road bike.  

Sign up for your first Real Ryder class today! New clients get 3 classes for the price of one! 


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Power Ryde. Cycle. Sweat. Repeat.  

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