Thanksgiving Schedule

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Thanksgiving weekend is fast approaching; we will have a special schedule almost all week. Look ahead, sign up, and get ready to get SWEATY!

Instructor Spotlight

Amy Brewer

All November, everyone gets ONE FREE CLASS with Amy! After that, use your class pass or pay just $10 for a drop-in with Amy.

Amy teaches Tuesdays at 5:30a and Wednesdays at 5:15p. Click and read more about Amy!

Don't like cycling?

No problem! Try Off the Bike.

This new class is 45 minutes (as the name suggests). Think a killer combo of barre, mat Pilates, and high intensity interval training. We do plyometrics to get the heart rate up, large movements like squats with the resistance bands, and the smallest movements to burn out certain muscles.

New Times!


9:30a M, 12noon and 4:30p Th, 9:30a F, 10:30a Sa, 9:30a Su

OFF THE BIKE classes almost every day. This is 45-minutes OFF THE BIKE. Constant movement and lots of compound, functional movements to strengthen every inch of your body in a small period of time. Low-impact and accessible to men and women of all ages.

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Power Ryde takes indoor cycling to the next level with the RealRyder Indoor Cycle; a bike that leans from side-to-side allowing for a more efficient workout. No longer is indoor cycling limited to the lower body. The RealRyder technology enables a 5-in-1 workout targeting one's core, upper body, lower body, cardio, and balance.

Latest News

November's Instructor Spotlight

You may recognize this month's Instructor of the Month, but you may also be thinking to yourself, "Wait, I didn't know Amy taught at Power Ryde?!" Yes, she does! Amy has been ryding with us since we opened. She taught for a while, got busy, and now she is back on the front bike. Keep reading to learn more about Amy's Power Ryde journey, what brought her back to instructing, and what she loves most about it!


Who Brought the POWER in September?

September's Student of the Month is a dedicated front-row ryder who gives everything she's got every...single...time...she rydes; even at 5:30 in the morning. She comes ready with her game-face on, ready to tackle any challenge we throw her way. Put your hands together for our Student of the Month, Kelly Drach!


Who Brought the POWER in August?

It's been just about three years TO...THE...DAY since this Power Ryder started ryding with us. From our old spot to our new spot, she has stuck with us and continued to ryde a couple times each and every week. And did we mention, she gives 110% EVERY...SINGLE...TIME she rydes?! Put your hands together for our Student of the Month, Bridget O'Connor!