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Spin Class

Full-Tilt Indoor Cycling

Our RealRyder bikes tilt and lean left and right, working your arms, abs, legs, cardio, and balance in 45-minutes. Our classes are upbeat, high energy, and fun. Join us today!

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TRX Classes

The perfect low-impact, full-body, core-focused strength class for every body! 

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Workout from Home

Our On Demand Workout Library hosts 100+ workout videos you can do any time, any where, and as often as you like. Just $19.99 a month for instant workouts at your fingertips!

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Join the Fun

Come in for a class and get to know our awesome instructors and our amazing community of ryders! Our clients are friends who have become family and will cheer you on every step of the way!

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Fundraising Rydes

Did you know each month we host a Fundraising Ryde for a local organization, charity or family in need? We have raised and donated over $105,000 through our Fundraising Rydes.

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A high-energy, non-stop challenging class. I have an addiction... Power Ryde!

- Julie

I am so glad that I did the Power Ryde Power 30 (Whole 30) Program. I was a person that thought I was eating a lot healthier than I really was. Honestly, for the first couple of weeks I wasn’t feeling any different. But, mid-way through the third week I started feeling a difference. I felt less bloated and had more energy. I liked the feeling, so m...

- L.W.

I cannot say enough about Power Ryde! The music is great, the atmosphere is fun (dim lights with "party" lights)', and the instructors are SO encouraging and motivating. The thought of trying a spinning class was really intimidating to me because I am not a cardio person. The instructors were so welcoming and helped me set-up my bike until I felt c...

- Misty

I loved the Whole 30 program from the start. I love that it brought me back to the whole eating; the way I used to eat before I fell into the lazy way of eating.

One of my biggest challenges was the red wine. I took Meg’s advice about drinking the Watermelon Wonder Kombucha instead and it worked! I have had wine since the program ended but have no...

- M.A.

I took some of Casey's virtual classes when she was doing them live on Facebook. I was telling my husband how much I enjoyed them and how good I felt afterwards, so I started taking more classes in July. BEST DECISION EVER!!!!

The virtual strength classes kick my butt!!! I feel stronger and more confident in myself more than ever. I love Casey's e...

- Student

I am 63 years old and my doctor said that I should be doing weight bearing exercises several times per week for my bones (since we all lose bone density as we age). I told her about Casey’s strength classes and she said those were perfect. I have been doing the classes for several years and not only am I stronger and have more defined muscles, but ...

- Student

Just did the treadmill class today because I was out of town and holy moly it was SO good! I needed that. It kicked my butt and I still had fun!

- Student

I had not been spinning for several years because I kept in shape with running and yoga. However, when I tore my hamstring I was forced to find some other form of cardio other than running. The RealRyder bikes peaked my curiosity because they looked like more of a total body workout. After the first class I was hooked! In a 45 minute class I get su...

- Katie

Thank you for offering the Whole 30 group. Doing Whole 30 with others helped me stay more accountable than doing it on my own. I got so many great recipes and tips. The Whole 30 really helped me be cognizant of what I put in my mouth on a daily basis (more than I thought!). I can’t believe how much better I felt in 30 days!

- D.S.

I have been going to Power Ryde for a few years now and I love it! Always an awesome workout and a fun atmosphere!

- Sara

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At Power Ryde, we’ve always been dedicated to more than just physical health and fitness. We regularly harp on mental strength.

Power Rydes Ben Morrison Memorial Fundraiser
Meg and Casey

The Mother-Daughter Team

Meg & Casey Hilmer

We’ve all heard the saying, “When one door closes another door opens.” I don’t know that I ever truly believed this mantra. I used to think people, myself included, said this to make themselves feel better in the wake of failure or rejection. But then I realized, when one door closes it allows the opportunity for another door to open. The difference being, we have to be active in opening that door.

This is how Power Ryde came to be. After being turned down from medical school, I was both relieved and frightened. Relieved, because I didn’t know if I was truly passionate about medicine or, if it was a path I had put myself on four years prior and was scared to deviate from. Frightened, because if I wasn’t going to medical school, what was I going to do? My mom was in a similar boat. After working at a Cincinnati Bell for 31 years and being retired for two, she was looking for something to do…but what?

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