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Power Ryde Power 30 Program Testimonials

I am very glad I participated in the Power 30 group. I stayed the course and lost ten pounds. I indulged over Thanksgiving weekend and noticed a difference in the way I feel, especially after eating gluten, which I have suspected. I plan to adopt the Whole 30 way of eating with some modifications. All in all that was the best I felt in a long time

- D.S.

My father is a Type 2 Diabetic and his sugar was way down. My jeans fit better after doing the program. I'm going to stay with the diet and eat what I want on the weekends.

- C.B.

Thank you for offering the Whole 30 group. Doing Whole 30 with others helped me stay more accountable than doing it on my own. I got so many great recipes and tips. The Whole 30 really helped me be cognizant of what I put in my mouth on a daily basis (more than I thought!). I can’t believe how much better I felt in 30 days!

- D.S.

I lost a total of 12 lbs over the 30 days. I have much more energy, my clothes fit better and I feel better.

- B.D.

After trying all the gimmicks, diets, healthy eating lifestyles, etc. that all left me frustrated, hungry and disappointed, I am so glad I finally decided to commit to Power Ryde's Power 30 Program!! There is no secret to heath, fitness and is diet and exercise...plain and simple! Not only am I down 8 lbs, but I learned so much about my own eating habits and how different foods affect me. I could not have been as successful in the program without the group support, and direction provided by Casey and Meg!

I will be doing this again!!

- C.L.

I am so glad that I did the Power Ryde Power 30 (Whole 30) Program. I was a person that thought I was eating a lot healthier than I really was. Honestly, for the first couple of weeks I wasn’t feeling any different. But, mid-way through the third week I started feeling a difference. I felt less bloated and had more energy. I liked the feeling, so much, that I’m still eating 99% Whole 30 and consciously making very healthy choices.

I’m still learning so much about food, meeting a lot of nice people, and am trying so many new recipes following this program. I’ve also shared a lot of my new information with family and friends. Thank You, Casey and Power Ryde, for offering this program. All of this new information has really changed my life!!!

- L.W.

I didn’t do the Whole 30 to lose weight, but ended up losing 13 lbs over the 30 day period. After just the first week, I felt less bloated, I had way more energy and I slept much better each night. I could see a noticeable difference in the muscle definition in my arms, legs and mid-section. The key to my success was doing a lot of prep work on Sundays so that I had “go-to” items ready in the fridge, plus I loved the Larabars and Rx Bars between workouts. Since I ended the Whole 30 program, and now that all my cravings have subsided, I’ve decided to keep bread, sugar and dairy out of my diet, but I am reintroducing certain grains and beans. The only exception is wine :)

I loved the program and the “support groups” on Sunday. The recipes were REALLY helpful, plus helped me create my own recipes.

Casey - thanks for your support on this journey!

- K.R.

This was my 3rd time (3rd time's a charm) participating in the Power 30 Program and I learned and accomplished different things each round. This time around, I learned what my eating triggers were and how to combat them, what I needed to organize to stay on point with meals, and most importantly, I learned that I'm not alone in this endeavor. Being able to share in the weekly meetings about what I was doing well and what I was struggling with was so helpful for me and, in turn, being able to support and encourage everyone else made it worthwhile. Let's face it, we're not meant to go through life alone and the support, laughter, and great workouts at Power Ryde make life better. I'm ready for Round 4!!!

- K.D.

I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to the Whole30 program. In 30 days, I lost 12 pounds and feel a lot less bloated. I am continuing to follow the program, just allowing myself more flexibility when dining out. I really don't miss the sugar and have replaced it with mostly fruits. The program was a great eye opener and seems like something easy to incorporate into my everyday life.

- L.B.

I'm down 15 pounds now and am keeping it going. The program has not only rid me of bad habits and cravings which I expected if I kept to it, but also it has taught me about continuing to make good choices. I have more energy and am sleeping better than I ever have (my fitbit proves it). I guess I will be a label-reader at Kroger for life!

- S.J.

The Whole 30 program teaches you how to eat healthy for life! You will be presented with new ways of thinking about food and ways to cook it. Meg and Casey are great leaders of the program and have so many ideas on how to help you along the way. I highly recommend this program!

- L.L.

Whole 30 has been the answer to healthy eating that I’ve been looking for! The support group made it so much easier to get started and helped keep me accountable and stick with it. It has truly changed the way I eat, feel, look and grocery shop...all for the better!

- L.S.

The 30 days were so much easier than I anticipated. My husband and I eat out almost every night so that was challenging but somehow doable. After a few days my craving for sugar started to decrease. Overall I lost 9 pounds and felt energized the entire time. My plantar fasciitis was so much better too!

I would highly recommend this program and the way that you conduct it too. The recipes that you gave us and some from the book that I did manage to make for lunch and the occasional dinner were great!

- K.H.

The Whole 30 program gives you an awareness of what you eat. I now find myself really thinking about what I am eating and why. I had some traditional Thanksgiving foods that clearly did not agree with me, probably due to them being dairy-based. I didn’t eat any bread or rolls but I did have dressing made with bread cubes. I am back to Whole 30 because it will keep me from munching on all the junk that seems to be everywhere this time of year. I would definitely do the program again!

- K.W.

While I appeared to be complaining the entire 30 days….I was actually amazed at some of the effects happening thru out the 30 days.

After that first week (low energy), my energy came back pretty strong in Week 2 and I gained energy each week after that.

One of my big issues is sleeping...either not falling asleep or waking up in middle of night and not being able to fall back asleep. I have been using prescription sleep pills for last 15 years to help with this. Well during the 30 days, I used those pills one time (used to use them 2-3 times a week). That was a BIG accomplishment for me.

So overall this was a tremendous experience, helping both my energy level & sleep cycle.

I am keeping some of my learnings and cutting back about half my sugar intake from before the program; it’s not that hard now!

This was a great experience...thanks for the kick in the butt to give it a try!!

- B.H.

I completed the Whole 30 for the second time and I thought it was much easier this time, except for the first week which was just as difficult as last time. I was amazed at how quickly I slept better and after the first week it was much easier to say no to the things I would have normally grabbed to eat without thinking. It’s harder at first to think of what you shouldn’t eat and it takes work to read labels at Kroger but it is really informative to see what you have mindlessly been eating. Everything has sugar in it: ketchup, tomato sauce, etc. It’s shocking and Whole 30 teaches you to eat clean and healthy and when you see how much better you feel and sleep; well it’s proof it works. You get to lose some weight too (I lost 13 pounds in 30 days). To be honest my clothes feel like I lost more than that but that’s not the only reason I did Whole 30. I just want to take better care of myself and this is the best way I know. It’s not hard, you just have to stick time-out and make it a lifestyle!

- S.J.

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