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Student Testimonials

Amazing workout! For all ages and all fitness levels!! This isn't like any spinning class you have ever tried before!!!

- Carrie

Power Ryde is the best! So positive, so upbeat, and a workout that keeps you coming back. I’ve made great friends here and live the energy.

- Allison

I am such an advocate of balance in life. Power Ryde is the perfect compliment to your wellness plan because it offers a challenging low-impact workout that strengthens your core, lower body, and cardiovascular system. I still compete in half marathons and now only run two times a week.  Riding on these bikes 2-3 times a week has enabled me to compete as well as when I ran 4-5 times a week. I love reaping the fitness benefits minus all of the impact!

- Jennifer

Power Ryde is awesome. Before the RealRyder bikes I had been spinning twice a week on regular spinning bikes. During this period I was also running around a 9 minute mile. Since starting Power Ryde in April, I have reduced my running time to a 7:30 pace and am still only spinning twice a week. It's a great feeling to improve in both running, spinning, and fitness. Thanks Power Ryde!

- Anna

I wish I could give 10 stars.... I love this place. The owners Meg and Casey are awesome. They are super nice and what I love the most is I am not a "number." They remember who you are and treat all customers with respect. ALL the instructors are awesome and you get a really good workout. I would highly recommend Power Ryde.

- Carol

An amazing workout that is different each class and keeps you motivated and challenged! The owners and each instructor are fantastic, each making you feel welcome and always available to help or answer questions. The fact that they continue to give back to the community means a lot to me too!

- Jen

I had not been spinning for several years because I kept in shape with running and yoga. However, when I tore my hamstring I was forced to find some other form of cardio other than running. The RealRyder bikes peaked my curiosity because they looked like more of a total body workout. After the first class I was hooked! In a 45 minute class I get such an incredible workout and definitely feel like it has made me stronger. In fact, I contribute a big part of winning the Amazing Race to Power Ryde...since I was not in top running condition

- Katie

This is a fun atmosphere to get a workout in. There are several instructors and time options to choose from which makes it convenient. The owners are always welcoming and helpful. For me, it's a nice supplement for the week in addition to other exercise. It changes things up so the "routine" doesn't get too boring. I would recommend Power Ryde; high energy and motivating, but you can always go at your own pace and no one's gonna judge :)

- Julie

This place is fabulous! Owners and instructors are knowledgeable, very friendly and helpful! They have created a family atmosphere where the workouts are great fun while offering a challenging ride every time, for everyone from the beginner to the experienced. Come join the fun!

- Amy

Cycling on a whole new level!!! The bikes are amazing! Hard to get used to at first but better each and every time. They also burn more calories then the average cycling class because the bike actually leans from side to side. The class is challenging and the instructors are awesome. Very encouraging and so helpful! Such a great workout and motivating environment! Absolutely love it!

- Kristen

Power Ryde has helped me take my road cycling to an entirely new level!!

- John

A high-energy, non-stop challenging class. I have an addiction... Power Ryde!

- Julie

Love, love, love Power Ryde! It's high energy, great music, terrific instructors and a workout like no other. Great way to start my day!

- Katie

The best spin/cycling class in all of Cincinnati! After doing power ryde for the winter I have increased my average mph by 2 mph.

- Peter

What an amazing place with so many amazing people! Power Ryde is one of my favorite ways to keep in shape while having a really good time doing it. The owners, Meg and Casey, and all of the instructors make you feel like you're part of the family. Power Ryde takes spinning to a whole new place and the workout is incredible. Not only do your legs participate in the fun, but your core and arms get in on the action as well. Don't worry about trying it for the first time either. The instructors are super helpful and so are the other people in the class. If you're up for a lot of sweating, a lot of fun and a lot of really great people, Power Ryde is a must!

- Kim

My personal experience with Power Ryde has been awesome! I have been exercising and teaching group fitness for many years - all different types of workouts. And I can honestly say that the Power Ryde workout pushes me like no other. In just a few short weeks, I could tell that my legs were stronger, my core was tighter and my endurance had improved. I look forward to every Ryde class, as each instructor brings his or her own unique style and challenges. The playlists are fun, upbeat and motivational to help carry me through each climb, sprint and jump!!!

Thanks so much for bringing Power Ryde to the area.

- Julie

I recently went to my first class at Power Ryde and the owners, instructor, and other classmates went out of their way to welcome me and make me feel comfortable. Great energy and great community feeling at the class!! Power Ryde as a company is involved in the community and hosts weekly fundraisers for area charities and beneficial causes. Truly an organization with a heart for others!

- Meredith

I cannot say enough about Power Ryde! The music is great, the atmosphere is fun (dim lights with "party" lights)', and the instructors are SO encouraging and motivating. The thought of trying a spinning class was really intimidating to me because I am not a cardio person. The instructors were so welcoming and helped me set-up my bike until I felt comfortable doing it on my own. This is a family business and you can feel it! They care about you and your success!

- Misty

I loved the Whole 30 program from the start. I love that it brought me back to the whole eating; the way I used to eat before I fell into the lazy way of eating.

One of my biggest challenges was the red wine. I took Meg’s advice about drinking the Watermelon Wonder Kombucha instead and it worked! I have had wine since the program ended but have not had nearly as much as I used to. I feel awful after drinking it so I think the 30 days may have changed something in me!

I had more energy and felt amazing during the 30 days. Although the food prep took a little time, I felt so good that I didn’t mind. 

The program also made me realize how much all the little things add up; like the snacking here and there and the crap I was putting into my coffee. These habits caused me to feel sluggish and hold on to extra weight.

The food on the program is just plain good, whole, and easily digestible, so no wonder I feel good.

I loved the weekly meetings and hearing the tips from others! It is awesome to have that sense of community to keep me on track. I have decided to never go back into my bad habits and continue with the Whole 30 as a lifestyle change. After menopause it is so difficult to deal with the hormonal and physical changes in your body and I think this program does wonders for that!

My skin, hair and nails are even healthier

As for weight loss I still haven’t weighed myself, but then again I was never into that stuff; I can tell that I feel better and my clothes fit better. 

Thanks so much for the chance to participate and helping me to jump start my healthy ways again!!

- M.A.

I nervously came to Power Ryde in June looking for a fresh start in terms of my fitness and overall health. I had put on an extra 10 pounds and I wasn’t feeling good about my eating and fitness habits. I thought I would ride a few classes and try to kick-start myself back into shape. What ended up happening was something way more meaningful. Some of the things I have accomplished at Power Ryde are easily measured. I have lost approximately 15 pounds and a little over an inch off of my waist since the beginning of June. But the best things I have taken from Power Ryde can’t always be measured. I sleep better, I have more energy during the day, I am now eating better (mostly so I don’t get sick during a Power Ryde class!), and I feel like a new person. I look forward to class and feel incomplete if I have to miss a ride. The classes are challenging, fun and also very rewarding. The sense of accomplishment after 45 tough minutes makes up for any sore muscles you have the next day. And on top of all this, the instructors and students have been wonderful! Thank you Meg and Casey for placing me on a straight line towards a much better and healthier me.

- Mike

Power Ryde has been an amazing cardio workout as well as being an amazing stress buster. One big plus is the lack of impact on your knees. At age 53 and after an ACL tear on my left knee I feel absolutely no pain while Power Ryding and I can definitely tell that my quads have more tone. It also has helped me with my stamina and movement on the tennis court. Diabetes and heart disease run in my family so I see Power Ryde as something I can do year round to help ensure that I'm doing as much as possible to prevent issues like these.

- Nancy

What do I like best about Power Ryde? Where do I start? Power Ryde sessions along with Weight Watchers have enabled me to lose 51 pounds to date. Initially, being 58, I was apprehensive on just how well Power Ryde was going to help, but after a couple of months instead of dreading the thought of how hard the workout is going to be I now look forward to coming! At this point, I believe this is one of the best cardio workouts I have ever experienced! I'm at the point, I don't know what I'd do without it!

- Ken

I have been going to Power Ryde for a few years now and I love it! Always an awesome workout and a fun atmosphere!

- Sara

Sweated my butt off at the newest and toughest spin studio in Cincy! Going back for more tomorrow!

- Taylor

Power ryde is one of the best workouts I've ever had. All the instructors are great, and I always feel good at the end of every class. Highly recommend. Great cardio and strengthening workout!

- Tori

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