Nicole Majchszak

I am going into my third year at Ohio State in Columbus. I study animal sciences and human nutrition and I am a part of the Tribuck Triathlon team as well as the group fitness staff. In high school I was introduced to group fitness while doing cross training for cross country and track. I started coming to Power Ryde with my team and continued on my own. I started working with Casey in 2017 to work at bringing out my inner instructor.
Since then I have become a part of the group fitness team at OSU and will soon be adding barre to my wheelhouse.
I grew up a runner and as I have added cycle (indoor and outdoor) and swimming to my workouts, I have continued to surprise myself with what my body is capable of. I love helping others in the group fitness setting to impress themselves, as Casey always showed me while I was in high school.

More about Nicole...

Favorite time of day to workout...Late morning so it’s not too hot.

Favorite artist to ryde to...Any former Disney star; they all have stuff that WORKS!

Hill or flat...Hills

Favorite thing to do on the bike...Isolations!

Guilty pleasure...Taking naps

Why you teach...I love seeing people push themselves and impress themselves with what they are capable of. I think people underestimate themselves often and with good music and encouragement, I think it’s way easier to go harder than you could expect.

Quote you live by...Don’t compare yourself to others, it is bad science- too many variables

Three words that describe you...Determined, optimistic, clumsy