Jill Battin

More about Jill...

Favorite time of day to workout...Mid-morning, however my daily life allows me to workout in the evening. Whenever there is time, I will fit it in!

Favorite artist to ryde to...too many to list! I like anything with a good beat that you can feel and tap into...Black Eyed Peas, Flo Rida, and anything Old school!

Hill or flat...Hill

Favorite thing to do on the bike...Isolate or hill sprints!

Guilty pleasure...Ice Cream all day every day and Mexican food with a good Margarita ;)

Why you teach...honestly it was a bucket list thing at first; I had a fear of public speaking so it has really helped me with that. I enjoy learning about different things you can do on these bikes. I love having fun and challenging ryders in my class:) 

Quote you live by..."Do good, get good."

Three words that describe you...Honest, loyal, and encouraging.