Nicole Phillips

May 1, 2009 I decided to run the Flying Pig Half Marathon…on a whim. The race was in two days and I had been VERY loosely training to do the first leg of the Relay. I got caught up in the excitement of the Expo and decided to just go for it and run the Half Marathon instead of the Relay (13.1 miles instead of 6 miles!).

The Half Marathon was not as hard as I expected it to be, and upon finishing, I decided that if I trained, even just a little bit, I could and would run a full. So, later that year in October, I ran the Columbus Marathon. I then started coaching others at my run club to help them reach their goals; which is also very rewarding!! As it turns out, I really love to challenge my body, see what I’m capable of, and convince others they can do it too! 

One best friend (and best running buddy), a husband, and 3 kids later, I’m still running marathons (I even ran and/or walked half marathons through all my pregnancies!). And, over the last few years, I’ve picked up cycling too.

I started coming to Power Ryde June 2017; came 4 times but dropped off for some reason. In May 2018, I came back...and I kept coming everyday or several times a day! I was (and still am!) completely hooked to the high energy intense workouts and the super friendly welcoming atmosphere at Power Ryde, that compliment my running so well!

I also fell in love with the OFF the Bike strength classes. Over the course of 6 months my body changed so much and my marathon time dropped over 20 minutes. I tell anyone who will listen about Power Ryde, and I’m so thrilled to be joining the fun as an instructor!

More about Nicole...

Favorite time of day to workout…I will literally workout anytime I can make the time; doesn’t matter the time of day. It’s easiest to squeeze in first thing in the morning before everyone in the house is up for the day though!
Favorite artist to ryde to…I’m not partial to any one artist, but it’s GOT to be a great song or a great beat.
Hill or flat…I like somewhere in the middle of the hill; heavy enough to bring the heart rate up, but light enough for a great surge.
Favorite thing to do on the bike…I love seated climbs and shaking because it’s so unique.
Guilty pleasure…Sleeping in!! Or, just sitting at the beach or pool (without kids, haha!).
Why you teach…I really love finding people’s inner strength they didn’t realize they had. I’ve been a running mentor for years and one of my favorite things to do on years that I don’t run the full Flying Pig, is to meet other runners who I know on the last few miles of the course and run with them, encourage them, and be with them as they accomplish something they’ve worked so hard for. Power Ryde is no different; a great workout totally perks me up and it’s awesome watching people leave happier than they came in!
Quote you live by…“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” - Robert H. Schuller
Three words that describe you…Intense. Loyal. Honest.

Nicole Phillips