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Cincinnati RealRyder® Indoor Cycle

RealRyder tilting bike


When was the last time you went to a spinning class and the instructor told you to shake the bike side-to-side? Probably never. That's what is so cool about our RealRyder bikes, they tilt and lean side-to-side. Instead of staying center all class, we can turn left, we can pulse right, we can shake side to side; activating our arms and core while working our legs!

Not only is the side-to-side movement more fun and more dynamic than traditional spinning, but it activates more muscles which means a LARGER CALORIE BURN (if that is your goal). This also means more upper body and core strength/definition. 

For athletes, this means lateral strength, agility, and speed. No athlete ever moves in a straight forward/backward line. We are constantly moving laterally. Basketball players have to dribble down the court and dodge people. Baseball players are constantly running in a counterclockwise loop (same with track runners). Football players run down the field and have to go side-to-side to get around people. My point being, we are humans and we move laterally. Without lateral strength, agility, and speed, we get injured. On our RealRyder bikes, we can strengthen the left- and right-side bodies. We can do a hill climb to the right or a sprint to the left. Not to mention, these bikes are much easier on the low-back, hips, and knees (than running and traditional stationary spinning), providing a great low-impact cross-training exercise for all athletes. 

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