Power Ryde Power 30 Program

30 days to a healthier, better you. 

This is NOT a diet or a weight loss competition this is a program based on eating whole, real foods. For more information on this transformative mind and body program, click HERE

Up and Coming Classes, Events, and Specials!

April is a big month for Power Ryde

SURVIVE Ryde Sunday (4/13) 10:30-11:30

Easter Weekend 4/18-4/20 check schedule for changes/cancellations 

ONE YEAR Extravaganza the week of 4/21


In this past Sunday's SURVIVE Ryde

We raised $400+, giving us an annual total (so far this year) of $1100! Way to go Power Ryders. All proceeds from the monthly SURVIVE Ryde supports Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. Thank you Power Ryders for always bringing it!!


Power Ryde is re-defining indoor cycling one ryde at a time.

The RealRyder indoor cycle allows for a better and safer workout. Burn 20-30% more calories with the side-to-side sway of the bike and protect your hip and knee joints while doing so. Low impact, high cardio...that's what we're all about. So come in today to cycle, sweat, and strengthen your way to a better you!

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Power Ryde takes indoor cycling to the next level with the RealRyder Indoor Cycle; a bike that leans from side-to-side allowing for a more efficient workout. No longer is indoor cycling limited to the lower body. The RealRyder technology enables a 5-in-1 workout targeting one's core, upper body, lower body, cardio, and balance.

Latest News

Splendiferous Roasted Summer Veggie Soup

One of my favorite things, come Spring, is the surplus of fresh produce that hits local farmers' markets. And nothing fuels your body better post-Power Ryde than a healthy and hearty meal. So go ahead, make this today because it is SUPER easy peasy! 


Fabulous Fundraising Efforts

Since January, Power Ryde has become the place for Charity Fundraisers. As many of you know, once a month Casey offers a 60-minute SURVIVE Ryde supporting Cincinnati Children's Hospital. So far this year Power Ryde has made over $1100 for Cincy Children's. 

Power Ryde has also held fundraisers for local PTO's, churches, and Girls on the Run. This past Sunday Erinn Whitehead taught a sold-out class to many parents and their daughters who run for GOTR. And let me tell you, the laughter that came from within the room was audible down the hall. Those middle school girls (and their parents!) had a ball.

So next time you are trying to fundraise money for a charity or organization, consider having a "party" at Power Ryde!


Have you heard the buzz??

Have you received your fall issue of Venue Magazine? If not, check out the link below to read all about Power Ryde! Or, stop by the Hyde Park Joseph Beth Bookstore to buy your copy of Venue today. Thanks to all of you who come regularly to cycle, sweat, and strengthen with us! For more stories on Power Ryde and its founders, Casey and Meg Hilmer, go to the "About"-->"The Value"-->"In the News." 

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