Power Ryde Power 30 Program


After many requests, our Power 30 Program is back! 30 days of clean eating to get you holiday-ready. Are you up for the challenge? Read more about Casey's Paleo journey and learn more about this program!

NEW Afternoon Classes

4:15pm Monday, Wednesday and Sunday

Are you a student, a teacher, or maybe you get off work early? Then this class time is perfect for YOU! Come cycle, sweat, and strengthen all before 5pm!

The Best Indoor Cycling Yet!

Power Ryde's bikes tilt and lean, left and right!

Come experience our 45-minute total body cardio workout; arms, abs, legs...and so much more! Want in on the fun? Sign up now to get the full Power Ryde experience!

Have you seen our AWESOME Groupon?

4-, 8-, and 12-Class options, all less than $45!

Calling all NEW Ryders, check out this awesome Groupon today. Already buy one? Give us a call at 513-583-7433, and we will get you all squared away!

Meg and Casey Hilmer

A Mother-Daughter Duo

Who prove that Power Ryde is for every member of the family; moms, dads, daughters, sons, and even grandparents! Cycle, sweat, and strengthen with your family today.

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Power Ryde takes indoor cycling to the next level with the RealRyder Indoor Cycle; a bike that leans from side-to-side allowing for a more efficient workout. No longer is indoor cycling limited to the lower body. The RealRyder technology enables a 5-in-1 workout targeting one's core, upper body, lower body, cardio, and balance.

Latest News

Who brought the POWER in August?

Who brought the POWER in August? Put your hands together for Beth Muccillo. She started ryding before Christmas last year, and she has already attended almost 120 Power Ryde classes! Continue reading to learn more about Beth's fitness journey and the results she has seen by incorporating Power Ryde into her weekly routine.


Who brought the POWER in July?

Ever wonder why we don't spotlight more male ryders? The wait is finally over! This month we are highlighting not one, but two, of our avid male Power Ryders! From working together to RYDING together, continue reading to learn more about Beau and Don and how they came to be such strong RYDERS!


Who Brought the POWER in June?

Last month we recognized a Power Ryder who has been with us for almost two years. This month, we're recognizing a newer Power Ryder, Cindy Reichman! Cindy has only been ryding since the end of March, yet she has already become part of the Power Ryde family! Give it up for Cindy - a strong, high energy, chatty, and super funny ryder who brings it, each and every class!