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Early morning, lunch time, and afternoon classes!

Tuesday 5:30a and 4:30p with Casey

Thursday 11:30a with Casey

Friday 9:30a and 4:30p


FUNdraising Rydes

Over $35,000 raised!

Did you know Power Ryde hosts monthly FUNdraising Rydes for various charities and families in need? 100% of the proceeds go to the cause. Have a charity that you support? Reach out to us and see how we can help you raise money!

The Best Indoor Cycling Yet!

Power Ryde's bikes tilt and lean, left and right!

Come experience our 45-minute total body cardio workout; arms, abs, legs...and so much more! Want in on the fun? Sign up now to get the full Power Ryde experience!

Have you seen our AWESOME Groupon?

4-, 8-, and 12-Class options, all less than $45!

Calling all NEW Ryders, check out this awesome Groupon today. Already buy one? Give us a call at 513-583-7433, and we will get you all squared away!

Meg and Casey Hilmer

A Mother-Daughter Duo

Who prove that Power Ryde is for every member of the family; moms, dads, daughters, sons, and even grandparents! Cycle, sweat, and strengthen with your family today.

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Power Ryde takes indoor cycling to the next level with the RealRyder Indoor Cycle; a bike that leans from side-to-side allowing for a more efficient workout. No longer is indoor cycling limited to the lower body. The RealRyder technology enables a 5-in-1 workout targeting one's core, upper body, lower body, cardio, and balance.

Latest News

Who Brought the POWER in August?

August's Student of the Month not only brings energy to each and every class he attends, but he also brings a smile and a spirit that is unmatched...even at 5:30am! Appropriately nicknamed, Gene the Machine, put your hands together for Gene Stallworth!


Who Brought the POWER in July?

July's Power Ryder of the Month is a young lady who just recently started coming to Power Ryde. She started in June and has already done 40+ classes; often ryding first thing in the morning, going to work, and then coming back for a second class in the evening. Put your hands together for Holly Von Sossan!


Who Brought the POWER in May?

This month we are honoring a student who started coming to Power Ryde about a year ago. This student has always given it her all in class but I swear, in the last couple of weeks she has come so far. From ryding predominately in the saddle, she is now out of the saddle rocking the bike side-to-side with ease. Put your hands together for Lauren Aiello!