Who Brought the POWER in May?

Posted on: May 21, 2019
Wiener Girls

The Wieners

Sheryl, Sara, and Cory!

For the month of May we spotlighted several of our strong Power Ryding moms; both clients and instructors. So it only seems fitting that this month's Student(s) of the Month would be a Mother-Daughter(s) Duo! Put your hands together for the Wiener ladies!

Sheryl was the first of the Wiener women to ryde with us. Her first ryde was in 2015, after TWO YEARS of persuasion from Meg. Side note - Meg and Sheryl were friends in college and for years, Meg kept trying to get Sheryl to come to class! Finally, one day, Sheryl came...and loved it! She then brought her entire family.

Sheryl's girls all live out of town now, but when they come in to visit, they come to class with their mom! These are some strong Power Ryding ladies who always have a blast when they come to class; they come with smiles on their faces, ready to ryde, and they leave with even bigger smiles.

What brought you to Power Ryde and what keeps you coming back for more?

Sheryl - The reason I originally came was that Susan Raftery and Anne Neuville persuaded me that I would love it. I also knew your mom from college, and you from your family, and I wanted to support two of my favorite people. I keep coming back because of those reasons and to stay in shape and keep up with my kids and dogs!

Sara - My Mom was the first to try Power Ryde; the next time I was home she convinced me to go! Since then, I go to Power Ryde whenever I am in town to spend more time with my Mom and Cory and because I love the challenge of the classes! The bikes make for such a different experience than a traditional class and you can't find that anywhere should open a Power Ryde in St. Louis!

Cory - My mom brought me to Power Ryde! At first I was hesitant, but after going a few times, I loved the environment, people, and the challenge!

Do you have a favorite moment that you remember at Power Ryde?

Sheryl - One of my favorite moments at Power Ryde was when Sara and Cory both came with me to ryde. It is soooo awesome to look over and see your girls ryding with you! Another favorite moment was Bobs 1000th Ryde; such a fun party!

Sara - One of my favorite moments: per usual with all the chaos, we came for a class at the wrong time. Luckily, Casey and Meg were nice enough to let us stay and use the bikes to do our own class since we were already there! It was a blast coming up with a class for my Mom and Cory!

Cory - I love every moment of going to Power Ryde with my mom and Sara! They definitely kick my butt, but it’s so fun spending time with each other! 

What is your favorite part about ryding with your mom/daughters?

Sheryl - I love ryding with my girls because I love being with them as much as possible. It is tough having everyone out of town, and I cherish the moments together!! They keep me young at heart and in shape. I am so proud of them!!

Sara - I love getting to ride with my Mom because it is a great reminder of the incredibly strong person she is both inside and out. She can kick my butt in there!

Cory - My favorite part is looking over at my mom and sister during a really hard hill or sprint and seeing their determination and strength. It helps me to push myself harder! 

Tell us a fun fact about your your mom/daughters.

Sheryl - A fun fact about me is that I have known your mom since my freshman year at Miami. Also, my parents met at Miami, and all 3 of my daughters went there!

Sara - A fun fact about us: we all love to travel, both together and separately. Our last international trip together was a tour through Italy visiting Cory while she was studying abroad there. I am headed to New Zealand this year with my fiancé. And, our older sister, Jenni, is in Australia right now!

Cory - Our mom works at Kendra Scott and brings us home surprises all the time! We are lucky to be so spoiled :) 

When you ladies are not Power Ryding, what can we find you doing?

Sheryl - When I am not Power ryding I am working at Kendra Scott Kenwood, riding horses, boating at Lake Cumberland, walking my dogs, or hanging with my family and friends.

Sara - When I am not Power Ryding, I am working at Nestle Purina where I get to bring my dog, Honey, to work with me every day! I also love to water ski and snow ski! Believe it or not, I do not live in Cincinnati but live in St. Louis with my fiancé, our cat and dog!

Cory - We love being together, but we all live in different places! In the summers, we like to go to our lake house in Kentucky. We try to see each other as much as possible!