Who Brought the POWER in March?

Posted on: April 7, 2015
Tags: Student of the Month
Who Brought the POWER in March?

Lynne Lee, Jamie Gordon and Shannon Carovillano

We say it all the time, there is nothing better than ryding with your family! These ladies have figured that out from day one! Sisters, Jamie and Shannon, came to Power Ryde on our re-opening day last November. After 45-minutes, they were hooked. Two days later, they convinced their mom, Lynne, to come ryde with them. The three have been coming and ryding together ever since! When they can, they come to the same class and sit in a row of three…at first they sat in the back, then they slowly progressed to the middle and now, we see them occasionally rocking the front row! Way to go ladies!

What brought you all to Power Ryde?

Shannon and Lynne: Jamie recruited us. She found the Groupon and said we should buy them and ryde together.

Jamie: I had taken a far too long break from regular exercise. Then I happened upon a Groupon and thought I'd give it a try. It was love at first Ryde!

Why do you ryde at Power Ryde?

Lynne: I love everyone connected with Power Ryde. It's a fun place to get in shape.

Jamie: I love Power Ryde for a lot of reasons. I get an amazing workout and I get to spend time with some amazing people. I love that it's a family business :)

Shannon: I love the way the bikes move and the people are great. The instructors are motivating and I know I am going to get a great workout every time. The owners are pretty great too (

What did you do for fitness prior to Power Ryde?

Lynne: I belong to a local gym.

Jamie: I hadn't done anything regularly for quite some time but I used to do a little bit of everything - pretty much anything your basic gym has to offer. I used to teach step aerobics...back in the day!

Shannon: I had not been consistent lately with fitness and I was looking for something to get back into shape. In the past I had been to spinning classes at the YMCA, pilates, yoga and used various exercise machines.

What goals has Power Ryde helped you achieve?

Lynne: Besides making me stronger, it has strengthened my back.

Jamie: I have finally reached my goal of doing something regularly. I love it so much and get such a great workout, that I never want to miss!

Shannon: So far I have become more energetic, lost a little bit of weight, seen some changes in my body and how my clothes fit but most importantly, I feel strong!

What goals are you hoping to achieve in 2015?

Lynne: To be in the best shape possible (also to climb the longest hill on Mackinac Island without getting ofthe bike).

Jamie: My mom and I spend a few days each summer in Mackinac Island, Michigan. No cars allowed so bikes and walking are our modes of transportation. There is one hill, the Grand Hotel hill, that I have never been able to ride all the way to the top. Not this summer! I'm going to the top!

Shannon: I hope to become stronger and more confident while continuing to lose weight.

What is your favorite music to ryde to?

Lynne: Love all music but rap!

Jamie: I love riding to a variety of music. I do really love hills though so strong slower beats are my favorite.

Shannon: I love all kinds of music, but I am a product of the 80's!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

Jamie: Fun fact....during a recent trip to Parris Island, SC for a USMC Educators' Workshop, I rappelled down a 70 foot tower. That was a first, and last, for me! 

Shannon: I am a Downton Abbey fanatic!

Tell us a fun fact about your mom/sister/daughter.

Jamie:  My mom was Deer Park High School Homecoming Queen in 1965. Shannon followed in her footsteps as the Loveland High School Homecoming Queen in 1988. Both are as much loved now as they were then...beautiful inside and out. 

Shannon: Jamie loves to travel, especially to the beach. My mom loves horses.

What motivates you?

Lynne: My girls, they are the best!

Jamie: I am motivated by getting stronger and healthier as I get older! I have seen the results of consistently Ryding and am motivated to be even better.

Shannon: The other ryders are very motivating. I love being there with people of all walks of life! Of course the instructors too!

When you're not at Power Ryde, what can we find you doing?

Lynne: I love to walk.

Jamie: I love spending time with my family! Poolside in the summer is the best. We love hanging out and just having fun. 

Shannon: I love spending time with my family. I also love to read (when I can find the time) and I enjoy movies!

And finally, what is the best part about ryding with your mother/sister/daughters?

Lynne: My girls are so much fun to be with; they make me happy :)

Jamie: Ryding with my sister and my mom is a lot of fun! We get to spend time together in spite of our busy schedules. We keep each other motivated by having a Ryding buddy always there to push us just a little further.

Shannon: We are a very close family and we spend a lot of time together so it is really fun to ryde together. It is also very encouraging to have the support of each other. I love supporting my mom and sister in everything they do so finding Power Ryde as something we all love to do has been a blessing!

Awesome job ladies! We enjoy having each one of you in class and love seeing you move from the back row, to the middle row, all the way to the front!