Who Brought the POWER in February?

Posted on: February 25, 2021
Students of the Month

Abby Nehlen, Carlie Duesing, & Kylie Clifton

This month we are spotlighting three of our high school seniors who ryde and/or sweat with us several time a week...AT 5:30AM! That's right, these Milford seniors wake up and make a point to come workout with us BEFORE SCHOOL! We are so impressed by their dedication and enthusiasm for fitness, we had to make them our next Students of the Month!

Abby started ryding with us in May of 2019. A year later, she convinced Kylie to come with her. And then this year, they both convinced Carlie to join in on the fun. These ladies started with our cycle classes and now mix it up with cycling and strength classes. They are now weekly regulars in the Tuesday 5:30a Circuit Class and the Friday 5:30a Cycle Class! What we love most is that they always come together!

Keep reading to learn more about these ladies and why they love Power Ryde so much!


What brought you to Power Ryde?

Abby – I had always wanted to try a spin class and at the time I was running track but Olivia Loeffler was supplementing running with cycling and encouraged me to give it a try and I loved it! This was in 2018!

Carlie – After hearing about Power Ryde for so long, Kylie and Abby brought me to my first 5:30 AM Friday ryde.

Kylie – Abby was actually the reason I came to Power Ryde, she asked me to come and I finally agreed and I loved it.


Do you remember your first ryde and how you felt after? What has kept you coming back for more week after week?

A – Yes! I’m pretty sure it was with Casey and I felt so drained but the post-cycling high was too good!! I keep coming back to Power Ryde because it is not only super fun and challenging, but I also really enjoy the instructors and the other ryders! Everyone is so positive, even during sprints or squat jumps!

C – I remember how fun my first ride was because of how excited everyone was at 5:30 in the morning. The sense of community at Power Ryde is especially what has kept me coming back. Seeing the same people every week and getting to know them makes it that much more enjoyable.

K – I remember being so nervous for my first ryde, but I got to Power Ryde and everyone was so welcoming and helpful that I felt comfortable from the very beginning. I remember thinking how fun it was the entire ryde, and how I couldn’t wait to come back and make this my new workout. What keeps me coming back for more week after week is the people and the community, and how fun and encouraging each class is.


Do you have a favorite moment that you remember at Power Ryde?

A – A favorite memory of mine is during a Circuit Class with Nicole, we rolled squat jumps on her dice probably 4x before banning them.

C – My favorite moment was getting chocolate after the Galentines Day Ryde.

K – I don’t have one specific moment I can think of, but I love every single Friday morning class. The people are so fun and energetic and it is the best way to start my Fridays.


What is your favorite music to ryde to?

A – I like super upbeat music, I’m a big fan of early 2000’s throwbacks!

C – My favorite music to ride to is throwback 2000s music.

K – My favorite music to ryde to is throwback songs from the early 2000s or before.


Tell us a fun fact about your yourself.

A – I have type one diabetes! (if you’ve ever wondered what the thing on my arm is). I also hope to major in something fitness-related!

C – My fun fact is that I will be attending Ohio State university next year.

K – I was a goalie on the Milford high school soccer team for the past 4 years.


When you are not Power Ryding, what can we find you doing?

A – When I am not Power Ryding you might find me hanging out with my friends or being a barista at Biggby Coffee!

C – When I'm not at Power Ryde you can find me with my friends, working, or watching Netflix.

K – When I am not Power Ryding, you can find me working at West Clermont Healthplex in the daycare, at school, or hanging out with my friends.


Way to go ladies! We love having the three of you in class with us!