Who Brought the POWER in February?

Posted on: February 28, 2018
Student of the Month

Amber Hedrick

Amber has been ryding with us at Power Ryde for just over 3 years and in that time she has completed just under 300 classes (by the time some of you read this she will be over 300!). Amber started ryding with us in 2015 when Nestlé, where she works, hosted weekly Corporate Rydes for everyone in their office. She then started coming on her own a couple times a week with some of her co-workers and she has been hooked ever since!

You will usually see Amber rocking the front row (left side). She likes to yell out a "Wooo" every now and then and occasionally can be heard singing to the music! Way to go Amber; we love having you at Power Ryde and I loved reading all of your below answers!


What brought you to Power Ryde?

I work for Nestlé, across the street from Power Ryde. My office paid for a series of classes as part of our Health & Wellness initiative, and my coworkers talked me into trying it.

Do you remember your first ryde and how you felt after? What has kept you coming back for more?

YES! I had never taken a cycling class before Power Ryde, let alone on a bike that moves. I lasted 20 minutes in my first class (Casey taught), at which point I got off the bike and left the studio. I swore I would NEVER be back! A few weeks later, a coworker convinced me to sign up for the Little Miami Triathlon. At the time I was consistently doing tabata and circuit workouts, but knew I needed serious endurance training to ride 18 miles on a bike. I reluctantly went back to Power Ryde for a 2nd class; my legs were so sore I couldn’t sit down comfortably for a week! It was my 3rd class before things started to click and I was determined to master the bike. Now I’m three years in and counting!

I keep coming back because it’s the best total body workout I’ve found, the people are super friendly, and the classes are always fun and challenging. Every instructor has her own style and every class is different!

Why do you ryde at Power Ryde?

The sense of community at Power Ryde is incredible. Meg and Casey know the name of every person that walks through the door and everyone in class supports one another and cheers each other on!

What did you do for fitness prior to Power Ryde?

Before Power Ryde, I did a lot of tabata-style workouts, circuit training, yoga and Pilates. I would also walk around my neighborhood. I injured my knee in high school so high-impact exercise just isn’t an option.

What goals has Power Ryde helped you achieve?

I was able to complete the Little Miami Triathlon in 2015 and am thinking about entering again later this year! I have a TON more energy, I am more confident, and I am in the best shape of my life. Casey has also inspired me to clean up my eating habits and be more aware of the food I put in my body.

What goals are you hoping to achieve before the end of 2018?

One of my resolutions this year is to “be more consistent” in everything that I do. I want to continue establishing healthy habits and stick with them. I am holding myself accountable for exercising 4-5 days/week and that includes Power Ryde!

Do you have a favorite moment that you remember at Power Ryde?

After a Saturday morning class, another ryder (Kelly Drach) thanked me for working so hard. I must have looked really confused, because she then explained watching me ryde inspired her to work harder in class to keep up! I was surprised to hear someone say I was an inspiration and it totally changed my attitude about group exercise.

What is your favorite music to ryde to?

Anything with a strong beat. I listen to mostly alternative music, so I love hearing those artists in class.

Tell us a fun fact about your yourself.

I am a closet Elvis fan. I have been to Memphis/Graceland 8 times! I attended the Candlelight Vigil twice, my husband and I got engaged at the gates of Graceland, and we named our dog Presley.

What motivates you?

My two kids! My son is 7 and my daughter is 4. They have SO MUCH ENERGY and I need to be able to keep up with them! I want to set a good example so they are inspired to live a healthy lifestyle.

When you are not Power Ryding, what can we find you doing?

Most likely working, cleaning my house, or doing laundry (I told you I have two kids). I love to bake and when it’s warm out, you’ll find me gardening; we have several vegetable gardens in our yard. It’s really satisfying to grow my own food and prepare it.