Memorial Day Weekend Tips and Tricks

Posted on: May 26, 2016
Memorial Day Weekend Tips and Tricks

It’s that time of year again…the sun is shining and the pools are opening. There’s something about summer holidays that is so nostalgic – grilled food, fruit salad, cold drinks, etc. But, sometimes these sentiments have repercussions. It is not hard to go to a grill-out and pig-out. Before you know it, you’ve had a burger, a hot dog, half the potato salad, baked beans, and enough chocolate chip cookies to keep Nestlé Toll House in business for another year. What I’m saying is, sometimes we overindulge. We can’t help it, right? WRONG. I’m not saying don’t indulge, I’m saying DON’T OVERINDULGE. Here are 5 tips and tricks to indulge without the bulge this Memorial Day weekend.

1.) Plan Ahead. Make sure you plan out what you're eating and when you're eating, so that you don’t find yourself starving and ravenous after hours of not eating. Also, ALWAYS HAVE SNACK ON YOU; healthy snacks that travel well (like nut, larabars, carrots, apples, etc.) in case you find yourself stuck and in need of food. If you are going to a cookout, take a healthy side-dish with you. This way you know there will be a healthy option for you to eat.

2.) Move. Make fitness a priority. Whether you are in-town or travelling, find time to get up and get moving. Before we go on long car drives, I always make it a point to wake up early (yes, sometimes 4am), so I can get a sweat session in before we leave. I always feel so much better, sitting in the car for hours, knowing I have already been productive. Not a morning person? No problem. Go outside and PLAY. Yes, act like your 10-year-old self and run around with your kids and play. This is fun and a great way to stay active with the entire family!

3.) Snack…mindfully. That’s right, have a snack or two throughout the day. There is nothing worse than starving yourself all day so that you can eat whatever you want at your cookout. Truth is, if you do this, you will overeat come dinnertime. So have a healthy snack (with some protein and fat, to keep you full) to prevent over-indulging (and bulging) later on!

4.) Ask yourself – how bad do you want it? Don’t say "no" to every unhealthy food item that you come across this weekend, but also don’t say "yes" to every unhealthy option. Choose your vices responsibly, always asking if it is something you really want and must have or, if you’d be ok passing it by.

5.) Eat the rainbow. No, not Skittles! Eat a variety of foods in a variety of colors. The more colorful your plate, the more nutrients and the greater variety of nutrients you will be feeding your body. P.s., the darker/more vibrant the color of your food, the more nutrients it has!

And as always, if you are in town, check out our holiday schedule. We are open and ready to RYDE!