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Who brought the POWER in August (2015)?

Polaroid style picture of Beth Muccillo with 'Who Brought the POWER in 'August'?

Beth Muccillo

Beth started ryding with us before Christmas last year (2014) and she is almost 120 rydes in; yes, that is about one ryde every other day. If that wasn't impressive enough, Beth also attends bootcamp classes three times a week! Oh, and did I mention, she is also known for setting some impressive records on her FitBit for the number of steps she takes in one day? AMAZING! This is what true dedication and drive looks like. You see, Beth's goal for 2015 is to lose 60 pounds. We are 2/3 of the way through the year and Beth has lost 2/3 of that goal weight, 40 pounds. Now she is on a mission to drop the last 20 before this year's end. WAY TO GO BETH! Keep reading to learn more about why Beth comes to Power Ryde, what she likes most about Power Ryde, and some other fun facts about herself and her motivators!


What brought you to Power Ryde?

I wanted to supplement my usual Boot Camp workouts with a high cardio workout because I was on a mission to lose more weight. A friend that I do Boot Camp with, recommended Power Ryde.  

Do you remember your first ryde? How did you feel? What kept you coming back for more?

I do! It was a couple of days before Christmas last year. It had been a few years since I took a spinning class and I had never ridden the RealRyder bikes. It was HARD and I couldn’t get the bike to stay still! I came back because I realized what an amazing workout it was. Power Ryde really is a full body workout. Oh, and I was determined to be able to hold the bike still!

Why do you ryde at Power Ryde?

I love the bikes and the full body workout. More importantly, I love the staff and the other ryders. It’s like a family. I wouldn’t change if there was another place closer and cheaper. It just wouldn’t be the same.

What did you do for fitness prior to Power Ryde?

I did and still do a Boot Camp class three times a week. I also do a lot of walking.

What goals has Power Ryde helped you achieve?

I wanted to lose 60 lbs this year and I have lost 40, so far. I attribute this to changing my eating habits and incorporating Power Ryde into my weekly routine. I also joined a challenge at work. The challenge consisted of teams of four. To win, the team who walked 2.4 million steps (to cross the finish line) first, won. We had from July 1st to August 31st. My team won and crossed the finished line in 18 days which was a record. We also managed to circle back two more times for a total of 3, another record. I personally came in 7th out just over a 1000 employees. I actually walked the total race myself with just over 2.4 million steps. I 100% attribute this to the endurance training that Power Ryde evokes. I never could have accomplished this goal had I not been Power Ryding for the past 9 months. Also, I can jump rope now!

What goals are you hoping to achieve in 2015?

I want to lose the remaining 20 lbs. I know those are the hardest, but I can do it!

What is your favorite music to ryde to?

I pretty much like all the music played at Power Ryde. However, last week, Casey ruined the song “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire by playing a remix and making us do jumps to the left, right and center, the entire song! Two days in a row of that song about killed me! 

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I love cats! We now have six. I have to quit opening the back door!

What motivates you?

Doing a job well done is a motivator for me. I also look at my peers and look to see what they have accomplished and I think; “Yes, I can do that too!”

When you are not Power Ryding, what can we find you doing?

I enjoy volunteering for many organizations - school, church, Boy Scouts, etc. But my favorite is volunteering for the Ohio Alleycat Resource which is a low-cost spay and neuter clinic and shelter for cats. My husband and I have been volunteering there for over 15 years. I also love to organize stuff. My stuff, other peoples stuff, so if anyone needs help, I’m your gal! I also love hanging out with my son Max who is 11!

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