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The Importance of Cross-Training for Student Athletes

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Here’s a secret only the best athletes know.   

If you want to stay in the best physical shape throughout the season, you must train your body 100%.  

But why? Many good athletes only practice their sport and remain extremely competitive. 

There are numerous answers to that question. But it boils down to this: if you do not train your entire musculature system, certain areas will become overused and other areas will become weak; both leaving you susceptible to injury.   

One of the best ways to ensure that your body stays strong and healthy throughout the entire season is by cross-training.  

Cross-training is ideal for athletic preparation and injury prevention. The best part is that there are many different exercises you can do to cross-train. 

One of the best cross-training exercises available to you is RealRyder® Indoor Cycling classes available through Power Ryde. 

But what is cross-training and why should all student-athletes add it to their workout routine? 

In this post, we will go over the basics of cross-training and how you can use RealRyder® Indoor Cycling to meet your goals. 

What is Cross-Training? 

Cross-training is essential for all student-athletes. It keeps the body strong and balanced by providing exercise to athletes outside of their regular sport (or sports). 

Not only that, but cross-training prevents injury. When you play one sport, the body becomes more specialized in that area and less balanced overall. The body develops muscle imbalances that can lead to injury and pain if they're not corrected. Cross-training allows you to keep your whole body strong. In addition, cross-training makes the body more balanced. By working muscles outside of those used during practice and games, you can prevent injuries by giving different muscles a break from being used too much.  

For example, if you play tennis, but never do any resistance training, cycling, or running, over time your shoulder and elbow will become fatigued (especially on your dominant side). You need to add some cross-training to balance out your body! 

If you add exercises like light jogging, an hour of stationary biking, or controlled resistance training, you can give certain muscles and joints a break while you strengthen other muscles.  

Using RealRyder® Indoor Cycling in Cross-Training 

One of the best ways to cross-train is by riding a RealRyder® bike with Power Ryde. 

RealRyder® bikes tilt and lean side-to-side. Instead of staying center all class, we can turn left, we can pulse right, we can shake side to side, activating our arms and core while working our legs! 

Not only is the side-to-side movement more fun and more dynamic than traditional spinning, but it activates more muscles which means a larger calorie burn (if that is your goal). This also means more upper body and core strength/definition.  

For athletes, this means lateral strength, agility, and speed. No athlete ever moves in a straightforward/backward line. We are constantly moving laterally. 

A class on the RealRyder® bike is a recipe for a full-body, cross-training workout in just 45 minutes. When it comes to premium cross-training for student-athletes, it doesn't get much better than the RealRyder® bikes at Power Ryde. 

The Best Student Athlete Training Comes from Power Ryde 

Every student-athlete wants to be the best they can be.  

No matter what skill level you are at, Power Ryde has the solution for your training needs.  

We offer a wide range of different classes aimed at maintaining your strength, endurance, balance, and more!  

The RealRyder® bike offers a full-body workout that helps you maintain strength, agility, and speed. 
Power Ryde also offers TRX (suspension training that uses your body weight) Circuit (interval-based strength classes) classes, and On-Demand classes for your convenience, which you can do from home. 

To get your athlete ready for the upcoming season, reach out to Power Ryde today!  

Satisfied with your Power Ryde training? Write us a review on Google today! 

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