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Stephanie Roe

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Stephanie Roe


I am a very active working mom to three amazing kids and that is why finding time for my fitness is more important now than ever before. I have always been active and rarely will someone see me sitting down...even in my home! I was in my early 20's when I realized that I needed to increase my fitness level to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. My love for all things fitness grew from there. I enjoy weight lifting, running, kettle bell routines, swimming, barre classes and of course, cycling. My love for indoor cycling started in 2007 at my local gym, every ride was different and I knew it was an activity I could do the rest of my life. When I moved to Loveland in 2012, I knew I needed to find an indoor cycling studio and that's when I found Power Ryde. 

I always felt motivated when ryding at Power Ryde and now teaching gives me the opportunity to motivate others. I enjoy helping people reach new fitness levels. I truly believe that working out with a friend is better than working out alone. My classes are challenging, intense, high energy, and revolve around a great playlist. My goal is for my ryders to work up a great sweat and leave with an immense sense of accomplishment. I got my Spinning certification in 2015 and am thrilled to teach at the best cycling studio around. 

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