Erinn Whitehead

I have been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2003. In addition to my CPT certification, I am a RealRyder certified and Zone Cycling certified Instructor and have Kickboxing and YogaFit certifications. Being a distance runner most of my life, I realized I needed to find an alternative to running for injury prevention. That's when I discovered group cycling. I loved (and still love) the intensity and energy a group cycling class provides. After being a student of group cycling, I became certified in 2008. My goal is for every student to step outside of their comfort zone and see exactly what their capabilities are. I want the ryde to be challenging, fun and energetic...and my hope is that they can't wait to come back and ryde again!

More about Erinn...

Favorite time of day to workout...7:30a; I know that's specific, but I like sleeping in a little and then getting it done!

Favorite artist to ryde to...Fall Out Boy

Favorite song to ryde to...Lose Yourself by Eminem

Hill or flat...hill; I love uphill standing sprints

Guilty pleasure...I could watch hours of HGTV

Favorite moment at Power many, but I love when someone smiles during class because I know they are having fun.

Why do you teach...I love connecting with members and helping them realize they can achieve anything.

Quote you live by...God gave you one body to live with on this Earth, treat it well.

Erinn Whitehead