Who's Bringing the POWER in May?

Posted on: May 9, 2018
Students of the Month

Amanda and Diane Simpson

We LOVE this mother-daughter duo! Not only do they work together, but they also workout together. Amanda started coming to Power Ryde in the Fall of 2014. A year later, she convinced her mom to join her (and recently they have convinced Amanda's sister, Jillian, to jump on the Power Ryde bandwagon too!!). 

Amanda and Diane tend to ryde together, side-by-side. They both are so funny, I swear I could sit and listen to the commentary between them all day! But what we love most about this power duo is that they always come in with a smile on their face and leave with even bigger smiles. Way to go ladies! 

What brought you to Power Ryde?

Diane - Amanda has a great lead on what my next fitness thing should be. I was done with a five year stint of serious ZUMBA; fun while it lasted though! I tried hot yoga but I’m not meant to do anything quiet OR serious! She was relentless about trying spinning. That was thanksgiving I think, and I've never looked back! 

Amanda - I always loved spinning prior to meeting Casey. But when I took Casey's (insane) hot yoga class, I knew I had to try out Power Ryde.

Do you remember your first ryde and how you felt after? What has kept you coming back for more week after week?

Diane - It was VERY difficult but I was determined to learn how to wake up early, give up my weekend affair with my pillow, and do this spinning thing. Even though I feel I’m just getting started, I love it! I remember saying my prayers every morning on my drive in that the good Lord would enable me to keep up, stand up, and SURVIVE the class. And I did, every time!! Coming more frequently has helped me get stronger...I think I need to quit working so I can do this every day! (See what I mean, so funny, I am laughing just reading this!)

Amanda -  I remember thinking during my first class that this is not your typical spinning. Even though I thought I might puke, I loved it. I haven't looked back since!

Why do you ryde at Power Ryde?

Diane - Because of Meg and Casey and their unending smiles, motivation, charity work, and friendship they offer to every single person that walks through the front door! 

Amanda - The great workout is just a small reason why we keep coming back. Power Ryde is more than just a place to get on a bike for 45 minutes a few times a week. The positive and family-like atmosphere are what really keeps us coming back. Every single person who comes through the door has a smile on their face and that is a testament to you ladies - so thank you!

What did you do for fitness prior to Power Ryde?

Diane - Zumba

Amanda - Prior to Power Ryde, I did spin and weights at the gym. BUT I am so happy I found Power Ryde, because it has kept me accountable. I also LOVE the new OFF The Bike strength classes. It is the perfect addition to spinning. I needed more strength work in my routine and I have definitely found that in the OFF The Bike classes.

What goals has Power Ryde helped you achieve?

Diane - Exercise has always been a huge part of my life. Power Ryde gets me going and keeps me going! 

Amanda - Power Ryde has kept me accountable with my workouts.

What is your favorite music to ryde to?

Diane -  Fast paced music, country, and rock, have been my motivators in my pace. I can cut grass for an hour with the right tunes in my head. I can walk for miles listening to the DIXIE CHICKS, Phil Collins, Tom Petty, The Eagles, etc. etc. etc.!!!

Amanda - I love the 90's throwbacks and I do love me some Pitbull ha!

Tell us a fun fact about your yourself.

Diane -  I have been blessed with a wonderful business and the joy of working with Amanda and my middle daughter, Jillian...who knew!! We work very well together and I’m proud of the work they do. My youngest daughter, Abby, is teaching youngsters and has no desire to mess with hair!!!...Everyone has their niche.

Amanda -  I am lucky to work side-by-side with both my mom and sister. We feel extremely lucky to be able to do that on a daily basis. And this is just one more reason Power Ryde dynamic feels like home.

How funny is it that they both basically put the same answer here? LOVE IT!

When you are not Power Ryding, what can we find you doing?

Diane - I have a German Shepard teenager, Jack the cat, and a lab that keeps me very busy. Tent camping, kayaking, gardening, remodeling, reading, and doing hair (real day job) are things I enjoy and don’t do enough of!

Amanda - You can typically find me behind the chair at Salon Lofts in Anderson. I also am a huge music and sports junkie, so my boyfriend, Matt, and I can typically be found at a concert or some sort of sporting event.