Who's Bringing the POWER in April?

Posted on: April 13, 2017
Tags: Student of the Month
Who's Bringing the POWER in April?

Sarah Healey and Emily Grubenhoff

Are you an evening ryder? If so, you definitely know these two! Sarah and Emily are two of our nighttime regulars. When one is signed up for class (usually Sarah), we know the other one (typically Emily) is coming too! And if one shows up without the other, we always ask if everything is ok! In just a few short months (they've only been ryding with us since January!), Sarah and Emily have become part of our Power Ryde family.

These gals always show up with smiles on their faces, ready to ryde. Oh and did we mention, they are both ryding for two? That's right, if you thought sprints, jumps, isolations, and hovers were hard, try doing it pregnant! These two make it look effortless; I honestly think it is harder for them to maneuver around the room with their bellies than it is for them to sprint in a hover position.

We love that Sarah and Emily have stuck with Power Ryde and have kept one another accountable for their workouts during their pregnancies. Way to go ladies! Keep reading below to learn more about these Power Ryding mamas!

What brought you to Power Ryde?

Sarah - Pregnancy! Emily and I both found out we were pregnant around the same time and decided we needed to get into shape to prepare. She found the Groupon which got us started and the rest is history!

Emily - I have always loved group fitness and took spinning classes throughout college but stopped once I got a full time job and started a family. When I got pregnant the second time, my early morning 20 minute workout videos just weren't cutting it so I wanted to get back into some sort of group fitness to stay active during pregnancy so I got on google and found Power Ryde!

Do you remember your first ryde? How did you feel? What kept you coming back for more?

Sarah - I will never forget. It was Erin Lawry’s class and I thought I was going to die haha! After class, Bob told us that her class was one of the more challenging ones which made me feel a little bit better. Even though it was challenging, we were determined to improve and get to the “it doesn’t hurt anymore” stage that Meg kept telling us about.

Emily - My first ride at Power Ryde was a reality check as to how out of shape I had gotten over the last few years. It was much harder than it should have been which motivated me to continue!

Why do you ryde at Power Ryde?

Sarah - The people and community at Power Ryde are the best. I felt welcomed and supported by the owners, the instructors, and the other ryders from the very beginning. Also, the bikes are awesome! When I talk to people who do spinning other places and describe how much better the RealRyder bikes are, they are immediately intrigued…and jealous.

Emily - I ride at PowerRyde because I love all the people and the atmosphere. They do so much to give back to the community and they truly care about each "student."

What did you do for fitness prior to Power Ryde?

Sarah - Nothing! I was a busy body at work all the time but hadn’t exercised in YEARS.  

Emily - I used to take all kinds of group fitness at the gym prior to having kids but the last few years have just consisted of early morning workout videos and the occasional jog outside.

What goals has Power Ryde helped you achieve?

Sarah - Cardio was always my worst nightmare (probably due to that fact that I used to be a smoker). Power Ryde helped me prove to myself that I could do it, pregnant and all! 

Emily -  It has helped me stay active during this pregnancy.

What goals are you hoping to achieve in 2017?

Sarah - My goal is to have a healthy and happy baby. I will be a first time mom so 2017 is a big year for me.

Emily - I'm hoping to continue a healthy pregnancy and have smooth delivery and spend quality time at home with my baby girl this summer!

Do you have a favorite moment that you remember at Power Ryde?

Sarah - We went to class the night of my birthday. Emily told Casey when we got there that we were celebrating. Once class was over, we walked out and Casey was standing there with a HUGE balloon for me. She ran out while we were ryding just to do something nice for me which made me feel so special.

Emily - My first 5:30 AM class on St. Patrick's day. I typically come to evening classes which aren't as busy as the morning classes. I couldn't imagine the 5:30 AM class being packed but I was wrong because if I wouldn't have signed up prior, I would not have had a bike! I considered myself a morning person until attending that class! It's amazing how much energy people bring so early in the morning!

What is your favorite music to ryde to?

Sarah - Anything I can sing to!

Emily -  I like when the music is completely random from all different genres and eras.

Tell us a fun fact about your yourself.

Sarah - I’m a freelance makeup artist and makeup junkie.

Emily - I'm a computer nerd and love setting up and fixing electronics.

What motivates you?

Sarah - My family. My mom was a body builder when she was my age and all these years later, she is still a lean machine!

Emily - It's really motivating to have a workout buddy. Sarah and I became friends through our husbands who have been best friends for over 20 years and we found ourselves pregnant within just a few weeks of each other so I think we motivate each other and hold each other accountable to stick with it!

When you are not Power Ryding, what can we find you doing?

Sarah - Majorly nesting, baby prepping, and taking care of my little puppy dog.

Emily - Between working full time at Cintas and spending time with my husband (Scott), 14 year old step daughter (Caelan), 4 year old son (Brody) and preparing for my new baby girl, I don't even know how I squeeze in Power Ryde!