Who Brought the POWER in August?

Posted on: August 16, 2021
Heather Egnaczyk

Heather Egnaczyk

This month we are spotlighting one of our ryders who brings a smile to our faces every time she walks through our doors! Give it up for Heather!!!

Heather is such a bright light at Power Ryde, on and off the bike; she works hard in class and makes us laugh before and after class. Every time she emails me, I find myself smiling so big or laughing so hard, because I can literally hear her voice as I read the email to myself. For example, when she sent me her responses for this post, she sent an entire Google Doc, with perfectly formatted questions and answers and I just chuckled, thinking, "This is so Heather!"

Heather has been ryding with us since September of 2019 (September 10th to be exact). When this posts, she will be just days away from her 2-year Power Ryde anniversary. In that time she has completed over 100 classes. And recently she has been trying new class formats, like our Circuit class on Tuesday mornings at 5:30am.

To know Heather is to love her! If you haven't had the pleasure of ryding with her, come Fridays at 5:30am! Think it's too early? She will tell you how amazing it feels to get up early and end your week strong. And she will likely convince you to come join her!

Way to go Heather! Keep reading below to learn more about why Heather rydes with us and some very fun and interesting facts about her!


What brought you to Power Ryde?

My “what” is actually a “who”, and she may not even realize it.  I have known Power Ryde instructor, Julia, for several years; our families are members of the same church. I remember when Julie began her fitness certification.  Over several years, I have witnessed the results of her hard work and I’ve watched her thrive.  My family went through a tough phase after the safety of my oldest child was compromised.  I shouldered a heavy burden and neglected my selfcare. I knew I needed to change something, and I thought I’d start with the safety net of taking a class taught by my friend. I’m very thankful to have found Power Ryde!


Do you remember your first ride, and how you felt after?

I do remember my first class!!  I was really nervous.  I remember my foot slipped out of the shoe sling and my empty pedal started to spin out of control. A sweet ryder got off her bike in the middle of class, and pushed the red button for me. I reloaded my sneaker and got back to work! 


What has kept you coming back for more week after week? 

For me, it’s a combination of the instructors and equally important are the other ryders.  As much as I enjoy these classes, I would not say they are easy.  I love that I am challenged, and my fellow ryders are a huge and FUN motivating factor.  It took me a while to be comfortable enough to let out a “whooo” in class.  I highly recommend it!!  It may feel scary, but it’s so encouraging to hear your friends release a “whooo” while they’re working hard too!!  I have tried several new classes, and really enjoy them. It’s fun to regularly show up and see the same faces... my workout buddies!


Do you have a favorite moment that you remember at Power Ryde?

I remember feeling pretty good when Meg and Casey learned my name. It’s so nice when someone says hello and knows your name.  I also remember when Kim gave me a shoutout in our Friday morning early bird class.  She still does on a regular sure does keep my feet moving!!! Thanks, Kimmy!!


What is your favorite music to Ryde to?

I love music. I love loud music.  I love a great beat... I’m in a hard rock phase right now (Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, Metallica).  I was the girl in high school that blasted Mariah Carey’s Christmas album (in July) with my windows down, singing loudly!  Sometimes, I still roll into my garage with my tunes cranked...just a little bit.  Music makes me so happy. 


Fun facts about myself:

I’m a bit of an old soul. I love vintage things, and have decorated our home with furniture and accessories from my grandparents, and also from several consignment shops/antique malls in/out of town.  I also love dishes.  I attribute this love affair to my grandmothers. They cooked and served and set beautiful tables.  My prized sets are Blue Danube and Spode Christmas. 

I am a wife, a mother to three kids, and mom/bff to a goldendoodle named Beacon. I am a shuttle bus driver, food maker, sports cheerer, buster of naughty behavior, and I try to be a general encourager of all things good in my house.


When you are not Power Ryding, what can we find you doing?

During the week, if I have a chance to get away, I run to my favorite consignment shops to take a lap!  Otherwise, I’m typically cleaning or food prepping at home, or running thousands of errands.  I also sing in my church choir.  Rehearsals are Thursday evenings, and Sunday mornings are glorious. The talent in our choir takes my breath away.  I totally geek out over our pipe organ and the guy who plays it so well.  I am humbled to be part of an incredible group.