Instructor Spotlight: Kelly Fulkerson

Posted on: April 30, 2017
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Instructor Spotlight: Kelly Fulkerson

Kelly Fulkerson

Don't recognize Kelly? That's okay! Kelly is one of our newest instructors; formerly a Power Ryde student! While she may be new[er] to instructing, Kelly is a pro when it comes to keeping the beat and pushing her ryders to give a little bit more. And did I mention? She loves to do pulses, so you are guaranteed to get a great upper body and core workout in Kelly's class.

For the month of May, get your first class with Kelly FREE (even if you have taken her class before, everyone gets one free one with Kelly in May!). After that, pay just $10 to ryde in one of Kelly's classes. Kelly typically teach Tues. 6p, Wed. 5:15p, and Fri. 4:30p BUT she subs a lot and this offer is also valid when she is subbing! Sign up now and keep reading to learn a little bit more about Kelly!

Before ryding as a student at Power Ryde, were you always active? What did you do for fitness?

I haven't always been active, really, I was the opposite of active when I was younger. I hated sports, being outside, and sweating. But somewhere around my junior year of high school I started experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety. I remember one day I was sitting at school waiting on my dad and my anxiety was bordering on a panic attack, I couldn't sit still. So I wandered around until I wound up on the track and felt compelled to run. So I all-out sprinted until I had nothing left. Granted, it wasn't very far. But I was amazed by how much that helped me calm down in that moment. So I started running regularly, building up to about 3-4 miles most days. In college, I kept running, but threw in some strength training, yoga, and zumba. I loved it all.

Do you remember your first Power Ryde class? How did you feel? What made you come back for more?

I do! It was a Monday night and Amy Szitanko was instructing. I remember the class being pretty small, maybe ten people or less and I felt like there was nowhere I could hide or blend in. I sat near the back, but I was still SO nervous and embarrassed, even. I didn't know 45 minutes could feel so long. I enjoyed the music and the energy that Amy brought to the class, but what brought me back was the 12 class pass I had already bought from Groupon. I was determined to get my moneys-worth. By the time I got through all 12 classes, I was hooked.

What got you interested in teaching at Power Ryde?

I have been interested in health and fitness for a long time now, and had even considered going the personal trainer-route before Casey approached me about teaching. But what really made me want to teach at Power Ryde was the opportunity to motivate and encourage others in their fitness journey the way the other instructors have done for me other the last two years. I never thought I could do this--but they did. It made all the difference.

What do you love most about teaching at Power Ryde?

THE PEOPLE. I've been at Power Ryde for almost two years, but I've met and spoken with more people in these last four months of teaching than I had in all the other months leading up to it. Power Ryde is a great place to workout, but it's also an incredible community and I love putting names with the faces of people I've been riding with for years--and also welcoming new ryders, who are as terrified as I once was.

What is you favorite thing to do on the bike?

I can't pick just one, though! Anyone who has attended one of my classes knows that I love pulses, but I also really enjoy jogging (no hands!) and hover sprints.

What is your favorite song to play in class? Or, which song do you play the most?

I don't know that I have a favorite song to play, but my favorite type of songs to play are covers or mashups of popular songs. My favorite one that I've found recently is a punk rock cover of "Somebody That I Used to Know." A song that I play a lot is "Untouched" by the Veronicas, it makes me want to jog!

When you are not teaching, what can we find you doing?

If I'm not in class or doing homework like the responsible adult I pretend to be, I'm probably hiking, biking, or food truck hunting with my husband, Eric.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I am one of eight kids. My dad's name is Jon and my mom's is Kate. My parents like to refer to themselves as the "original Jon & Kate Plus Eight." As if that's not enough, my mom shares a birthday with Kate Gosselin--March 28th.

What's your favorite thing to eat after a hard class or a double? 

Everything!!! But really, I have two completely different post-workout personalities. Sometimes after I ryde, I am so pumped about my healthy life choices that I whip up some chicken and sweet potatoes, whereas other times I am so burdened by the idea of cooking that I bake an entire canister of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and refuse to share. There is no in-between. 

What is your favorite Power Ryde memory?

My favorite memory was the second time I rode a double. The first time I had struggled and felt like I was dying; I was out of commission for days after! But the second time, I felt so good after that I wanted to stay for the triple. I couldn't stay, but I ended up going for a long walk later that afternoon and an outdoor bike ride the next day. That kind of progress makes me so proud of how far I've come!

We love this and we love having Kelly on our team!!! If you haven't met Kelly or taken her class, now is the time!!