Treadmill Classes


These are pre-recorded 30-minute treadmill classes; meaning you can do them whenever you want and wherever you want (on the treadmill in your basement or on the treadmill at the gym!). And right now, they're FREE!

We record one new class a week. We send you this class via email. You will receive a link and a password. Click the link, enter the password, plug your headphones in, press play, and get running! You will hear Casey's voice, her cues, and an awesome playlist. She will tell you where to be speed-wise and incline-wise every minute of the class. And, she will motivate you to finish STRONG!

If you are interested in these classes, send us an email at and we will add you to our email list.

Testimonials for Treadmill Classes

"I just want to say thank you for the tread workouts, since I have been doing them, I am really pushing myself to be faster and have started to do intervals on my outside runs as well.  I had one of my best miles last Wed and pushed myself to try to beat it on Friday and was able to shave 30 seconds off the mile!! I like not knowing what each week will be like and you've done a good job to spice it up.  Your motivation during is super helpful and I loved what you said at the end of this one, if you don't push yourself nothing will change, so right!!!"

"Treadmill class was awesome and a killer. I love sprints!"

"Just did the treadmill class today because I was out of town and holy moly it was SO good! I needed that. It kicked my butt and I still had fun!"

"WOW! Loved it. It was tough and was a great challenge! It was better than I expected!"

"Tried a treadmill class and it was KILLER! So humbling. Getting through the entire class with your pace cues will have to be a long term goal! Hardest class ever! I thought it was great! However, I spent most of the time trying to convert my speed from kilometres per hour to mph, to figure out what speed I usually run. Darn European treadmills."