Off the Bike

Class Descriptions

Join us OFF the bike!

Now offering non-cycling, strength classes! Whether you want high-intensity intervals or low-impact with a big burn, we offer both. These classes are filmed 3 times a week and uploaded to our On Demand Class library which you can access any time, any where, and as often as you like!

We have 3 Strength Class Types:

BUILD - this class ranges weekly from 30-45-60 minutes (schedule will say). It is all timed strength intervals to BUILD those muscles. It is low-impact and there is no jumping. We will use slightly heavier weights and bands, but that doesn't mean we won't utilize lighter weights and bands. Expect to strengthen those muscles and leave feeling strong!

BURN - (previously named "Traditional Off the Bike") - 45-minute class that uses bands, balls, lighter dumbbells, and body weight (we don't always use all the things; but sometimes we do). This is a low-impact class with zero jumping. Each class will target the arms, abs, legs, and glutes. We do high reps to BURN out those muscle groups.

SWEAT - this class ranges weekly from 30-45-60 minutes. It involves timed strength and cardio intervals. You can expect a lot of lunges, squats, bicep curls, shoulder presses, planks, etc. mixed with plyometric sets to get your heart rate up (think - jump squats, burpees, jumping lunges, jump rope, and a whole slew of other "fun" moves). This class will have you SWEATing, shaking, and breathing heavy by the end. But you will also finish feeling SO STRONG! This is our most cardio aerobic of our strength classes.

Why you should get OFF THE BIKE...

Many people know that I (Casey) used to be a very dedicated runner. All I did was run; 7 days a week 70-90 miles weekly. Yes, this helped me place 4th in the Columbus marathon and go on to be registered in the elite women's race for the Boston Marathon...but I never got there. Instead, I got injured. I ran too much and did not strength train enough ( all).

My core was weak and that led to hip injury after hip injury. Over the last 8 years I have had numerous physical therapists, trainers, and running coaches help me with exercises that would make me a stronger and more rounded athlete. ALL of these exercises being functional movements that we all do, unknowingly, each and every day. Yet, if we do not have the core strength and body integration to do them correctly, we get injured.

As someone who is also fitness-obsessed, I have been to various workout classes in town and around the country. I know what I like and I know what I would do differently when I am at a lot of these studios. So, I decided to take the knowledge I have from my yoga certifications, barre certification, TRX certification, and other strength workshops to create my own class. 
These classes range from 30- to 45- to 60-minutes. You are moving the entire class; not fast the entire time or slow, but your body is constantly in motion. It might be a small movement to target a small muscle group, or it might be a large, compound movement that targets multiple muscle groups.

Rarely will you work one muscle at a time. I personally like getting the biggest bang for my buck, so many of these moves that may work the upper body, will be done while lunging, squatting, or holding a wall sit. There is little downtime, which makes this class fly by.

These classes are accessible to everyone - men and women of all ages. We will use the balls, weights, exercise bands, circle bands, body weight and more. If you think these little props can't do much, I dare you to come try. With good form and high repetitions, you will feel the burn very quickly.