FUNdraising Rydes

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Over $92,000 raised and donated!

Each month (sometimes twice a month) we host a FUNdraising Ryde for various charities, organizations, and local families/individuals in need. These classes are donation-based. Ryders are asked to donate a minimum of $25 to ryde and we donate 100% of the proceeds to the cause.

Over the last five years we have hosted FUNdraising Rydes for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital as well as for local families/clients (e.g., Joey Oberholzer, Danny O’Keefe, Norton family, Loveland Breakfast Club, NEST, Loveland Fire Victims, Ohio Valley Voices) and causes (Pets for Vets, Brain Tumor Foundation, 22 Until None, Alzheimer’s, Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims, the Karen Wellington Foundation, Breast Cancer, LLS, JDRF, Ulman Cancer Fund, Police Unity Tour, Pelotonia, Back2Back Ministries, American Heart Association, Freestore Foodbank, Re-Member, Pink Ribbon Girls). To date we have raised over $85,000 as well as tremendous awareness for these organizations, individuals, and causes.

Typically a client will reach out to us with an organization that they would like to raise money for. We work with you to find a date and time that works and then we help you to promote the class. If you are interested in hosting a FUNdraising Ryde, please reach out to us and let us know. If you are interested in coming to a FUNdraising Ryde, click the link above to see when our next one is!

Corporate Rydes

Want to bring your work in for a team building ryde and/or weekly rydes? Let us know and we can make it happen! We host several companies either a few times a year or on a weekly basis. This is a great, fun team building activity that builds camaraderie and fun in the workplace!

Why should you bring your company in to RYDE with us? Click here to learn more!

Private Party Rydes

Host your next Birthday Party at Power Ryde! You pick the instructor and the music and we will provide the fun! Invite all your friends, bring food and drinks, and spend an hour with us!

Note - we have also had ryders host Birthday Rydes and make it a charity event at the same time where their friends bring a cash donation to donate to a charity of the Birthday ryder's choosing!

Sports Team Rydes

If you have a student athlete, they should be cross-training with us! Our RealRyder bikes are a great low-impact, total-body, cardio workout for all athletes. The best part is their side-to-side tilt which works the lateral side body. No athlete ever works/plays in a unilateral direction; they pivot, rotate, and move in several planes of motion. On our bikes, we can strengthen the side body by climbing hills to the right or sprinting to the left; creating a more rounded athlete.

We host several high school athletic teams during the school year and Summer for cross-training (Indian Hill track and cross country, Indian Hill soccer, Loveland track and cross country, Madeira track and cross country, Sycamore cross country, Moeller cross country, Moeller wrestling, Ursuline cross country, and more). We also have several instructors who are endurance athletes themselves and perfectly qualified and trained to lead this athlete-based classes. If you would like your student athletes to start cross-training with us, have their coach get in contact with us! Email today!

Learn more about why you should bring your student athlete and/or their team in to cross-train and RYDE with us! Click here and learn more!