Off the Bike

Class Descriptions


We all know a balanced body is a healthy body! OFF THE BIKE was designed to compliment the cardio that our indoor cycling classes off. This class is 45-minutes of strength work; minimal cardio, tons of strength. Everything from large compound movements that work multiple muscle groups at a time to smaller movements that burn out smaller muscle groups. 

This class is composed of different series that build on one another. Right when you want to come out of a pose/movement, we will change to a different, but similar movement, to make sure we tax that muscle group. Each class will strengthen upper body, lower body, the core, and will work on balance.  

This class was designed to keep you moving and toning for 45 minutes. Similar to how yoga flows from one pose to another, this class flows from one movement to another movement, creating an entire series of movements that flow into another series (think - curtsy lunges, and then we do the lunge with a lateral raise, and then we hold the lunge low and do a shoulder press, and then we pulse down in the lunge, and then we stand tall and work the shoulders some more before hitting the other leg). Yes, the rest is minimal. Yes, your core, arms, and legs may hate me in the moment. But there is no doubt you will leave feeling stronger than when you entered. 

And if you are thinking, "Well I do a strength class somewhere else," that's fine and we LOVE that, but give this a try. We have had several ladies say this, and then they came, tried it, and left and said, "Oh my gosh I have not worked my legs and abs like that ever." 

Finally, do not let any of the above intimidate you. This class is designed with every body in mind. We have had all ages and abilities try this class. If there is something you can't do, we will give modifications. If you need a break, you take a break. We all started somewhere; you just have to start!

Why you should get OFF THE BIKE...

Many people know that I (Casey) used to be a very dedicated runner. All I did was run; 7 days a week 70-90 miles weekly. Yes, this helped me place 4th in the Columbus marathon and go on to be registered in the elite women's race for the Boston Marathon...but I never got there. Instead, I got injured. I ran too much and did not strength train enough ( all).

My core was weak and that led to hip injury after hip injury. Over the last 8 years I have had numerous physical therapists, trainers, and running coaches help me with exercises that would make me a stronger and more rounded athlete. ALL of these exercises being functional movements that we all do, unknowingly, each and every day. Yet, if we do not have the core strength and body integration to do them correctly, we get injured.

As someone who is also fitness-obsessed, I have been to various workout classes in town and around the country. I know what I like and I know what I would do differently when I am at a lot of these studios. So, I decided to take the knowledge I have from my yoga certifications, barre certification, TRX certification, and other strength workshops to create my own class. For now, we are calling it OFF THE BIKE.
This class is 45-minutes (although I will admit, I might keep you an extra 5 minutes...I just enjoy these moves so much!). You are moving the entire class; not fast the entire time or slow, but your body is constantly in motion. It might be a small movement to target a small muscle group, or it might be a large, compound movement that targets multiple muscle groups.

Rarely will you work one muscle at a time. I get that 45-minute is short. I personally like getting the biggest bang for my buck, so many of these moves that may work the upper body, will be performed while holding a lunge...or a squat...or a wall sit, so that you are getting the most out of your 45-minutes. Regardless, there is little downtime, which makes this class fly by.

Even though there is little downtime during class, this class is low impact and accessible to everyone - men and women of all ages. We will use the balls, weights, exercise bands, circle bands, body weight and more. If you think these little props can't do much, I dare you to come try. With good form and high repetitions, you will feel the burn very quickly.