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Cincinnati New Ryders


If you are new to Power Ryde we ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your class starts. This will give you time to fill out our safety waiver and get your bike properly set up. Please see a helpful list of Q&A's below to help you get started!

What makes Power Ryde different from other indoor cycling/"spin" studios in Cincinnati?

Power Ryde takes "spinning" to the next level with the RealRyder indoor cycle. No longer is your indoor cycling workout limited to up-and-down movements. The RealRyder bike allows for lateral, side-to-side movements; meaning we can turn left, sprint right, climb to each side, and stand and SHAKE THE BIKE! This technology generates a 20-30% better cardio workout as it tones, sculpts, and strengthens your arms, abs, and legs!

Who can take a Power Ryde class?

Anyone! That is the beauty of the RealRyder indoor cycle. The red resistance knob on the bike allows power ryders to increase and/or decrease the intensity of their workout as needed. We have ryders of all ages and abilities in the same class and everyone gets a great workout and has fun! Our youngest ryder is 9 and our oldest is 80+ and we have everything in-between. We have clients training for marathons and century rides as well as clients rehabbing from knee, shoulder, and back surgeries. Anyone and everyone can do a Power Ryde class!

Do I need to sign up in advance for a class?

YES! This is very important as we have a limited number of bikes. If you click on the "Class Schedule" button at the top of our webpage you will be re-directed to our online scheduler. Note: Walk-ins are allowed, however it is not guaranteed that a bike will be available.

What if I signed up but need to cancel?

Through our MindBody online scheduler you can cancel a class you already signed up for. You must cancel at least 8 hours before your class to avoid being charged for the class. If you "Late Cancel" (canceling less than 8 hours before your class or right before the class) you will be charged for the class (lose the class, as if you had come to ryde). If you have unlimited and "late cancel," you will be billed $10.

What if I try to sign up for a class but it is full?

If a class is full you can choose to be put on the class wait-list. You will receive an email confirming your spot on the wait-list and another email notifying you whether or not you got into the class. If you do make it off the wait-list and into the class, you will be automatically enrolled into that class. Not showing up will result in you being charged for the class.

What should I wear?

Whatever you are most comfortable working out in! You will get sweaty once you start to ryde, so come wearing appropriate clothing; preferably a light dry-wicking top and tight capris or shorts. Any type of exercise shoe works, but we recommend you wear cycling shoes with an SPD clip.

What if it's my first time at Power Ryde?

We ask that first-time ryders arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of their class to fill out our safety waiver and to be properly set up on their bike. Power Ryde will open 30 minutes before the start of a class.

What should I bring?

Bring water and a towel!

Do you have changing rooms and showers?

We have plenty of space to change, but no showers!

Can I rent Power Ryde for special events or private lessons?

Yes! Power Ryde can be rented for sports teams, businesses, parties, and private lessons. You bring the ryders, we'll provide an instructor. Ryding together is a great cross-training and team building activity. Email for more information.

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