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Here's a secret only the best athletes know.

If you want to stay in the best physical shape throughout the season, you must train your body 100%.

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A big thanks to all of our sports teams who have been in and ryding with us this summer. This past weekend (Labor Day) 30+ Indian Hill cross country runners cross trained at Power Ryde. And by the looks on the girls' faces, you can tell they had fun. We have also happily hosted Loveland and Sycamore cross country teams as well as a number of other athletes--lacrosse players, volleyball players, ba...
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As a cardio junkie, the first question I always find myself wondering is, "How many calories will I burn doing this activity???" While people can tell you that you will burn X amount of calories and fat by doing a given activity, the only way to truly know is by investing in a heart rate monitor. At Power Ryde, our RealRyder bikes sync with Garmin heart rate monitors. Have a different brand (like ...
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