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Who Brought the POWER in October (2021)?

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Sep 30, 2021
Judi Robbins in gym
Judi Robbins

Judi Robbins

This month we are spotlighting a newer ryder who is just as bubbly and energetic on the bike as she is off the bike! Meet Judi Robbins!

Judi started ryding with us in February of this year. She found us through a Google search; she was looking for a cycle studio closer to her home. I remember meeting Judi after her first ryde; she came out of the spin room with a huge smile on her face! Everyone's first ryde is "interesting" to say the least; our bikes are just different and the side-to-side lean can be intimidating at first. But I remember Judi walking out and she looked like she absolutely loved the class; sweaty with a huge smile!

Judi has continued to come since February and her smile has gone nowhere. She always seems to enter Power Ryde in the best mood, ryde with a smile on her face, and leave in the best mood. We all need some of what Judi has!

Keep reading below to learn more about why Judi rydes with us and some amazing mental and physical benefits she has noticed in the past 6 months since she started ryding with us!


What brought you to Power Ryde?

I was googling “cycle class near me” and found Power Ryde. I was looking for a change. I was gaining weight and always tired and I just wanted to feel better! I tried a cycle class years ago and loved it, but when I moved 13 years ago I just never researched places to workout in my new neighborhood.


Do you remember your first ryde and how you felt after? What has kept you coming back for more week after week?

Oh gosh, my first ride I felt so out of shape and defeated. I thought to myself, there’s no way I’ll ever be able to do this! I remember Meg saying to “give it 3 classes”. Her words of encouragement and understanding of how it would be challenging for a few weeks helped me along. All the instructors were very welcoming and understood that everyone is at a different level and that it’s okay to just sit and ride sometimes.

I don’t like to weigh myself on a scale, but I started noticing little changes - my clothes fitting better and my thighs not hitting my belly while pedaling. It wasn’t until my yearly checkup with my Doctor that I had discovered I had lost 14 lbs and my BMI had decreased. I remember being so shocked. I felt much better but didn’t really focus on the weight. I just wanted to feel better mentally and physically. The weight loss was an added bonus!! When you feel better, you eat better; it just goes hand in hand. 


Do you have a favorite moment that you remember at Power Ryde?

My favorite moment was probably my first class. I walked in and I saw the lights! I felt like I was in a club with the disco ball and the LED lights, the cool music, the awesome instructors! I thought, this is really cool and I am really going to like this!


What is your favorite music to ryde to?

I really love the Monday night class and Josh’s playlist and volume! The louder the better!


Tell us a fun fact about your yourself.

I really love to turn up the music and dance around the living room with my grandchildren! They love it too!


When you are not Power Ryding, what can we find you doing?

When I’m not Power Ryding you’ll find me spending time with my family, hanging out back by the pond with my grandchildren, camping, riding on the back of my husband's motorcycle, or boating on the river.  

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